Your Personal Guide to Oversized Bags: The Manhattan

1Oversized bags are just what the doctor ordered this season – they’re big and bulky, can carry many a thing at one time and can be doubled up as shopping bags slash weekender bags in a jiffy. Did we just hear the spontaneous traveler in us just do a cartwheel inside the head? Such is the power of an oversizer and the Manhattan Madison Tote, Viari’s star bag made of buttery soft leather and embedded with multiple pockets and zippers is perfect for that adventure.

The Manhattan Madison has its moments – the unique feature of the bag is that the leather folds over supinely inwards – beautifully designed to keep your style contemporary. The sides of the bags are zippered too so that you actually have many more sections to accommodate your essentials – from your makeup kit, your work papers to that work diary of yours.

The bag balances your daily grind and your weekend plans beautifully (it can also carry an extra set of clothes and even your stilettos to change in for an evening soiree) – so whether that particular adventure is going on a surprise vacay to goa or that sweet night-out with your favourite boy with some bar-hopping thrown in, you’re in for a great time!

To test the limits of the Manhattan Madison Tote and to style an oversized bag, we took some cues from stylish Hollywood-ers who have packed in some punch with their oversized wonders. Watch, copy, learn!

Cameron Diaz’s Casual Day Out Look


Pic Courtesy: Style Bistro

The Look: The girl-next-door never fails to impress us with her sartorial style – from formal dresses to casual denims, her look is always eclectic and interesting. The look here is perfect for a coffee meeting, a supermarket visit and a dash to the Hamptons thrown in for good measure.

The arsenal: Denims, Silver Flats and a Cardigan for that casual weekend look!

Jennifer Lopez’s Work + Play Look

3Pic Courtesy: Bagsnob

The Look: Easy on the eyes and at the same time, trendy as they come – Jennifer Lopez sure knows how to grab the eyeballs with some good styling these days. The tee shirt with black pants routine works wonderfully well with her Stella McCartney Falabella bag – and all that look is saying is “I am serious, I am fun – all rolled into one”. The bag sure can carry her movie tickets, her makeup kit and a pair of sneakers for her daily evening workout. Who knows, it might even be perfect for a visit to the beach!

The Arsenal: Heart-shaped tee, Black jeggings, Trademark Hoops and biggish sunglasses.

Katherine Hiegl’s Formal Day Affair 

4Pic Courtesy: Just Jared

Always one to keep it formal, Katherine Hiegl is the epitome of grace and elegance. A little black dress can do no wrong in this case as she carries a bright red bag to offer company to it. The look is very simple – and that is exactly why it works. This is the essential work look – a shirt dress and a good bag along with a clean up-do. More points for the peeptoes – so cute yet so classy. She looks like she’s heading out for a serious meeting – but fun cannot be far behind, with her pretty eyes and that red oversizer!

The Arsenal: Peep-toe flats, lady sunglasses, hoops and a black shirt dress.

Jennifer Aniston’s Airport Chic Look:

5Pic Courtesy: Bagmebaby

Jennifer Aniston sure knows how to take travel style a notch higher with her immaculate look. Known particularly for her pronounced subtle style, she carries her oversized bag armed in denims, a white tee and a scarf to boot. The look is very fun, very casual and simply effortless. Her hair is thrown back and her gold watch just accentuates the right side of her look. This look is perfect for a day in the park, a shopping trip t Melrose and finally, a short flight to Lake Tahoe.

The Arsenal: Gold watch, Oversized Sunglasses and a tie & Dye Scarf!

So tell us, how do you wear your Manhattan Madison ? What would you carry in it? What does your oversizer say about your personal style?

We’re waiting for the answers!