The Manhattan for the Perfect Man

Sling bags and Messenger bags are the trend du jour for men these days. Often relegated to small leather briefcases and funny backpacks, this is the year when men have realized that style comes from a bag – not just any one, a sturdy, stylish messenger bag that can take their hot quotient to a 10. Plus, let’s not forget the benefits of a good bag – it carries your files, sorts out your daily grind and makes sure your life on the move is as comfortable as it can get!









The Manhattan is a big Messenger Bag from the House of Viari made from fabulously luxurious leather which folds out supinely. The mid-section is for your most important files and it has ample space to put everything in. The zippered sections on the side make it easier for you to slip in minute details, VIP passes and oh well, your smartphone too, to access quickly. What’s more? This baby can pack in more than you ever thought it could – from a change of clothes (bedroom to boardroom kinda stuff) to your mini smart tablet and a few books to boot. A stylish addition to your wardrobe, this one’s perfect for a casual day out, a big boardroom meeting as well as a quiet coffee in a bistro with your current date in tow. Talk about versatility and Manhattan – a match made in heaven!

Today, it’s all about pairing the Manhattan with your personal style. Let’s look at five of the hottest TV shows and show you how you can pair your Manhattan with your profession.

1.   Mad Men

Set in the America of the 1960s, this show explores the lives of advertising professionals – and it does so with sartorial creativity. If you fancy yourself as a creative hotshot like Don Draper, take a few tips from Janie Bryant, the show’s stylist and get your wardrobe into modern-day shape. Even though the show was set in the 1960s, you can look at putting together a custom-fit jacket with a leaner, meaner lapel; mix a lot of chocolate browns, hazy greys and midnight blues to create a look entirely your own. Don’t forget to add some slick cufflinks, a skinny tie and of course, the Manhattan bag to carry your next award-winning campaign in.









  1. The Newsroom

Take a bunch of crazy journalists, add some drama and some battles between idealism and TRPs, and you get The Newsroom. If you are the kind who is constantly sniffing for news, and seeking the next Watergate scandal, you need to keep your cool in casual checks paired with rough n’ tough denims and a comfortable pair of leather boots. In your newsroom, you can change into an everyday white button-down shirt, a slick blazer, and add a bow-tie for extra drama. Don’t forget to carry the Viari Manhattan to carry your journal, your smartphone and of course, those secret documents.









  1. Suits

Trust Harvey Spector to put together a formal look that is not run-of-the-mill or plain dowdy. Suits is the story of a fictional law firm in New York City starring Patrick J. Adams, and Gabriel Macht, the dynamic duo who serve justice in the most unconventional of ways. Though the series is set inside law-firms, its style quotient is nowhere as dreary as you would expect. Revamp your wardrobe with cheery additions like Chinese collars worn with straight suits, crew-neck t-shirts worn under blazers, or go completely unconventional with linen shirts paired with chinos to give it a casual Friday look. The Manhattan messenger bag is perfect to add to this look, as you struggle to keep your appointments and juggle the sheaves of legal paper.










  1. Entourage

Nothing beats the time that you spend with the boys, which is exactly why Entourage scores over other guy shows of our times. This American comedy-drama showcases the life of an A-list Hollywood star and his childhood buddies from NYC as they live it up in the city of angels. The show tackles male friendship and modern Hollywood challenges in an endearing way. If you want to be one with the gang, take your pick from the five distinct style personalities – Ari Gold in his staid yet tailored suits, Vincent Chase and his casual v-neck tees and roughed-out denims, Eric Murphy in his semi-formal chinos paired with crew-neck tees, Turtle with his hip-hop style and Johnny Chase in his printed shirts and retro colour-blocked outfits. And then add a bit of your own jazz with the Manhattan to carry your scripts, your maxed-out credit cards and that little black book with the numbers of every A-lister in town.