5 Smart Add-ons to a Fashionable Closet: The Ladies Addition

There are trends. There are accessories. And yes, there are the small add-ons that create an illusion of awesome in your wardrobe. All three know how to make your personality shine. Which is why, today, we’re talking about the tiny additions to your closet that we often forget to include in our daily list and yet, they’re precisely the ones that create the glamorous you. From wallets to keychains, from belts to coin purses – these small ideas are just the ones to look out for this month! And what’s more? They’re smart; make your life less cumbersome and your utilities well-organised to kick off the day.



The Berkeley Card Holder

The Buff Saffino Leather makes it so very smooth and ideal for the shopaholic in you. The neon pink colour brings in the trends of the season to your wallet also while making it easier to spot your Visa in the chaos that is the inside of a handbag. The nickel-free trimmings add sturdiness to the card holder while the attached mirror in the interiors makes for a quick powder-lipstick-eyeliner routine when you’re busy shopping outside.

Berkeley Card Holder

The Apartment Wallet

The ideally-shaped sugar lemon slim wallet made of soft genuine banjo leather is every bit of a surprise with magnetic closures and nickel-free fittings along with a brushed gun metal finish. The sleek concoction also houses a mirror and has enough space for your cards and money. The little addition of a pouch with a zipper is perfect too for loose change and other fun keep-sakes. Yes, it’s pretty well organized for those looking to keep their life easy-going and fun!

Apartment Wallet Viari Berkeley Coin Purse

There are purses and there are those cute coin purses. The idea is to let the loose change find a home that’s fashionable, stylish and utilitarian. At Viari, that’s an easy task to complete as the new Berkeley Coin Purse in Cow Nova Leather keeps it fun and easy yet extremely practical for the woman on the go. The neon lime green exteriors and the smooth interiors make the coin purse an essential element in your hobo. The good thing about the purse? The interesting nomenclature of the purse itself as it’s interestingly built with absolutely no stitches.

Berkeley Lime Green Coin Purse

Soho Eye Glass Case

Beautifully structured, elegantly finished and smooth-as-skin, the Soho Eye Glass Case is anything but ordinary. Made from soft, genuine Cow Tiber Leather, the case is easy on the pocket as well as the eye as it makes sure your sunglasses or your reading glasses are tucked in safely to avoid any scratches as you go about your daily grind. The pearl nickel finish adds a certain je ne sais quoi to the accessory and the colour orange just makes it for an interesting addition to your stylish personality.

Soho Glass Eyecase Manhattan Passport Cover

There’s nothing trendier than passing the airport security check with a stylish addition like this super-interesting, very fashionable Manhattan Passport Cover. The soft banjo leather interiors and the brushed metal gun finish make it very sleek and substantial, yet there is an ephemeral quality to that cover that not many leather additions possess. Yes, there’s a slot for a pen for those immigration signatures  and enough space and interiors to put in your ticket, credit cards and of course your papers. What next? The powder pink shade will go with any outfit you wear and we all know how easily it goes in with a super cool denim jacket!

Manhattan Passport Cover