Seen in all the right places

Seen in all the right places

We just spotted more than one Viari at Lakme Fashion Week 2014 in Mumbai. And we’re not surprised! These bags a delicious mix of classic minimal silhouettes and saturated, on trend colours –  a sure lure for fashionistas, editors, stylists and the well heeled in general. In particular, we love their Cannes Collection: seriously sophisticated(…)

5 Smart Add-ons to a Fashionable Closet: The Ladies Addition

There are trends. There are accessories. And yes, there are the small add-ons that create an illusion of awesome in your wardrobe. All three know how to make your personality shine. Which is why, today, we’re talking about the tiny additions to your closet that we often forget to include in our daily list and(…)

6 Bags That Help You Declutter Your Life: The Messenger Bag Trend

6 Bags That Help You Declutter Your Life: The Messenger Bag Trend

Small, intimate and extremely user-friendly, Messenger bags are all about simplicity and comfort. The good thing about them is that they tend to de-clutter your life and suddenly the limited space can make you feel nothing less than liberated. The best thing about them? They cut across all age groups. From a backpacker visiting the(…)

5 Delicious Bags for the Ultimate Off-beat Traveller

This season it’s all about packing that bag and making a beeline for the next big adventure. The balmy days have given way to short-notice travel plans and intimate destination dreams. Everywhere you look, it’s all about holidaying and holidaying in style and at Viari, we are not far away from the travel truck either.(…)

5 Bags for Every Supermom

Yes, she’s the only person in your life who matters at the moment. She’s cared for you and will continue to do so at every step of your life. She’s probably right there for you when you need her – she’s your mom and she’s the most important person in your life. This is exactly(…)

The Manhattan for the Perfect Man

Sling bags and Messenger bags are the trend du jour for men these days. Often relegated to small leather briefcases and funny backpacks, this is the year when men have realized that style comes from a bag – not just any one, a sturdy, stylish messenger bag that can take their hot quotient to a(…)

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